Art Solutions for Special Events: Caricatures, Party Painting & More



I have been drawing caricatures both on the mainland and Hawaii for 25years. 

The art of caricatures are a great form of entertainment for both private and corporate events.

Call for your next event call to inquire about rates 


Black/white caricatures

Color caricatures

Group caricatures

Party Painting Lessons

Relaxing and entertaining, party painting is great for all ages. 

All painting parties are tailored to your event and are not limited to canvas


Hawaiian themes, nature, recreating the masters are possible theme

ideas for your next event.

Package price includes travel to your event, consultation, guided painting lessons, materials and supplies. 

Qualifications: Masters in Art Education and have taught k-12, and at the university level. Have provided art workshops and seminars in California and Hawaii.

Face and Body Painting

If you are looking for that next level in face and body painting, airbrush or

custom tattoos for your event, let's talk. 

Community Murals

Need help organizing a community mural or designing an original image for your private resident? I enjoy the creative collaboration with other artists and members of the community, whether for a company or public organization.

Digital Media

I am highly proficient in the Adobe graphic software, and can help with logos, photographic manipulation and illustrations.


Nothing is impossible when ink meets paper. 

Calligraphy is not just weddings, but can be incorporated into

any event. Call for ideas.